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Apple used to give us a fresh-looking iPhone once every two years. Then the iPhone 6 came along, and the company decided it could afford to lower the pacing a bit. The 6s arrived on schedule, then the 7 followed; and now we even have the 8 – all basically reusing absolutely the same design, save for some small enhancements. As a result, Apple’s line-up started looking a bit conservative in comparison to some of its direct rivals. Refined and premium, but conservative.

This year, we’re finally getting what we’ve been asking for – a brave new iPhone design, albeit in a prohibitively expensive package – it starts at $999. However, Apple insists the iPhone X is way more than just a fresh set of clothes for the same thing; it wants it to be the start of a new chapter in the iPhone story, and this means we’re in for some major changes in the iOS experience paradigm as well. A fresh, new look, and drastic changes to how we interact with iOS – this alone sounds incredibly intriguing, but actually there’s even more to the iPhone X that may amaze, surprise or even irritate you.

The iPhone X is a controversial device, that much is certain. Way more controversial than the iPhone 7, which dropped the historical audio jack. With the X, Apple is taking a lot of risks, and introducing a lot of firsts. Funny how these two always seem to go hand in hand, right? The thing is, as mentioned in the first paragraph, Apple developed a bit of a conservative image during the last few years. And here we are now, putting Apple, risks, and firsts in the same sentence again. This tells you we have something really special on our hands, but make no mistake – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Come with us on a journey that will get you to truly know Apple’s most exciting smartphone in recent years.

Giveaway Ended: 2017.11.20.

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