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  • Folgertech FT-5 3D Printer

Folger Technologies LLC is a New Hampshire based company founded by John Hadaway Folger.
The FT-5 is a cheap 3D printer kit with a massive 300mm x 300mm x 400mm (12″ x 12″ x 15.75″) build volume, linear rails on the X and Y movements and dual Y and Z motors.

The FT-5 also includes an aluminium build surface and headed bed, making it capable of printing many materials.
X/Y Linear Rail System

The X/Y linear rail system is far more durable and heavy duty than normal chrome rods. Additionally, rails are much more suited to handle the forces applied in this setup and it will help with future add-ons which are currently in the works, mainly a CNC add-on.
CNC Upgrade Kit

This add-on is in development, but it will include an aluminum bed made up of 2080 beam, a front control panel with RPM adjustment on the fly, a vac hookup to help keep any messes contained and an air cooled 12kRPM motor. It will be best suited for woods and plastics, although they have done some testing at Folger with aluminum, but they’ll probably not recommend it.
Heavy weight 3D printer kit

The frame of the FT-5 is made from melamine, an engineered wooden core with a laminated skin on both sides. It’s resistant to warping due to heat, delamination and cracking. It also brings some weight to the table.
Weighing in at about 44lbs this 3D printer is a monster! It is way bigger than any of the other kits they sell at Folger Technologies and is twice the weight of all the 3D printer kits we know of.
Rigidity and weight of the printer itself are important factors that determine if the printer is capable of reaching high speeds.
Thus you will need a little weight to keep your machine in place and not find it vibrating itself off the table and onto the floor.

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