Giveaway: SIGNED Chillblast Fusion Yogsblast Official Yogscast Gaming PC



  • SIGNED Chillblast Fusion Yogsblast Official Yogscast Gaming PC worth £1599.99

Every Yogscast story begins with a great PC. Whether you want to make a beloved, multipart Minecraft series or simply drive your mates insane in GTA V, behind every video we make is a powerful computer that delivers the performance needed to create the best content possible. This monster has a hex core AMD Ryzen 5 1600X CPU running at up to 4.0GHz and a GeForce GTX 1070 video card. This combination makes mincemeat of even the most demanding games and will run them at max detail at Full HD or 1440P resolution. There is a super fast SSD drive for storing Windows 10 and your favourite games, and plenty of DDR4 RAM, plus a secondary drive that makes the system ideal for enjoying custom texture packs, mods and user-made add ons that can make your favourite games that bit more demanding. It comes with Chillblast’s multi-award winning warranty as standard.

You can win one simply by entering our super-simple competition. It has multiple ways to enter, and we will notify you if you have won or not on October the 31st 2017.

Giveaway Ended: 2017.10.29.

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