Giveaway: Toshiba SSD TR200 240Gb



  • Toshiba SSD TR200 240Gb

If you have been following the storage market over the past year, you may have noticed that OCZ has yet to release any products since the VX500. As a matter of fact, with the NAND shortage, there have been fewer SSD releases across the industry. The guys who own the NAND fabs such as Micron, Intel, Samsung, Hynix, and of course Toshiba, all are transitioning to the latest process of manufacturing 3D NAND. Toshiba’s latest BiCS FLASH 3D NAND offers higher capacity, higher endurance, higher performance, and higher power efficiency over the “old” planar stuff, just like everyone else’s 3D variant. With value propositions such as these, there is no wonder why everyone wants to make 3D, but in adapting their manufacturing lines to do so, they wind up dropping 2D NAND production capacity. That, plus a higher demand, lower NAND yield due to the new process, and increases in DRAM pricing, brings us to where we are now. Less and more limited products as well as DRAMless solutions. The TR200, Toshiba’s latest entry-level value SSD is the product of these times. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Giveaway Ended: 2017.11.20.

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