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  • Xiaomi Amazfit Pace

If there’s one thing there isn’t a shortage of, it’s smartwatches and fitness trackers. You can get ultra high-end devices that cost over $500. You can get entry-level options for less than $100. There are watches and trackers at every price in the middle, too.

Today, we’re going to look at a very affordable smartwatch with a very fitness-focused feature set in the Amazfit Pace. It retails for around $140 from GearBest, which puts it right in that entry-level price point. However, its suite of features rivals watches that cost quite a bit more.

There aren’t many watches in the same price range, with most either falling under $100 and lacking features, or coming in at closer to $200. The closest, both in price and feature-set is the Sony Smartwatch 3, which comes with a $130 MSRP. However, the Sony watch doesn’t come with heart rate monitoring, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Giveaway Ended: 2018.02.09.

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